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The Great Australian BBQ

There is one thing that just about everyone has had in Australia and that is the BBQ . A national pastime on weekends , Australia day , an excuse to catch up with friends and family & not to mention an essential part of camping . It is a lot of fun taking turns getting up from where one is sitting to give advice to whoever is in charge of the BBQ cooking at the time , maybe fetch them another beer , tell them how not to burn the snags without getting stuck doing the cooking yourself .

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With all the open areas and park lands in Australia we have a great choice of places to hold them . Just ask your friends about their most memorable BBQ experience as i’m sure everyone will have their own story to tell . Just exclude the story where you had to call the fire brigade! As you can see in the picture to the right you can make a BBQ out of just about anything or if you prefer you can buy a more mobile version that runs on natural gas bottles that you’ll even fit in the car .
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So you don’t own a bbq ? Well that not an excuse in Australia. In most cities around Australia you will be able to find public BBQs   at public parks , & most councils will list their facilities online so you can check before you head out . Just remember that on the weekends you might want to get up early and secure your area for the day ! Most public BBQs are free with some just requiring a gold coin the will get you cooking for about 30 minutes . Beer and on old newspaper is my choice for cleaning the hotplate once it has heated up .
beach bbq2 australiaWhen it comes to deciding what you will cook the choice is all yours . yes as they say “thrown a prawn on the barbie ” . If you have an eskie that can keep your meat cold until you are ready to cook you can take just about anything you like . My only rule at a BBQ is if there are any VEGETARIANS or VEGANS then they can light the bbq and clean it and cook their own food 1st , after that it will be thoroughly contaminated with as much MEAT as possible !! If someone wants to make a salad thats fine ! Snags , bread and tomato sauce will do me just fine . If you want to cook something more fancy on the BBQ that is completely fine , you can do that while everyone else is already eating and enjoying a game of backyard cricket !!





The popularity of the Australian BBQ is now even being cashed in on by channel 7 with its new series competition Aussie BBQ Heroes . While this might be new for television it is not in the world of the BBQ . In some countries competition cook offs can have as many as 500 teams . In 2014 The Great Australian BBQ competition organised and funded by Queensland Meals on Wheels was a great success to raise money for the non for profit organisation who help elderly and disabled people around the country . We now even have a Blues & BBQ Festival . For a bit of a laugh at some aussie culture and bbq’ing check out the video below . WARNING: IF YOU CAN’T TAKE A JOKE THIS VIDEO MAY NOT BE FOR YOU 🙂 . Have a nice day and enjoy your next bbq ! & please feel free to share any cool bbq places in Australia that you’ve been to or know of .

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BBQ pastime in Australia
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BBQ pastime in Australia
A few hints and tips for bbqing in Australia

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