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Whitehaven Beach Stats

Average water temp’ 26° C 

Whitehaven Beach silica sand unknown origin

Same latitude as Rio de Janeiro & Tahiti

Whitehaven Beach sand is 98% pure silica

Previously unprotected , sand was exported for high quality glass lense manufacture in Japan

1 of 74 islands in the Whitsundays , but none have sand like Whitehaven Beach 

Located on Whitsunday Island


Getting There

Airlie Beach is where you want to start , its the closest mainland town / hub for everything Whitsundays .

Airlie Beach is Queenslands Tropical Mecca location for exploring the Whitsunday Islands

For ways to get to Whitehaven Beach click HERE .



More Stats

The sand on Whitehaven Beach does not get hot ! So you can walk on it barefoot on a hot day . 

The sand is perfect of polishing your jewelery , before the area was protected many jewelers got their hands on the sand for this reason .

Even NASA used the sand to make the lense for their HUBBLE TELESCOPE (apparently)….

Its one of the finest sands IN THE WORLD . 


so if you’re ….

Visiting Australia? definately go there

Living in Australia ? put it on your bucket list

Planning to come to Australia ? mark it on your calendar

Studying in Australia , take time off and go there



whitehaven crabs

Singing Sand !

Haha no , really ? … Um … Yeah 

It exists and according to good old Wiki here’s a bit more info ..

Common names : Singing Sand , Whistling Sand , Barking Sand . 

Conditions required : Sand grains to be round and between 0.1 & 0.5mm in diameter , sand must contain silica & correct humidity (Whitehaven beach sand check , check & check ) 

While not completely understood there are a few theories ….similar size sand grains , pollutant free , friction of grains making the sound , grains covered in salt making the sound , compression or air making the sound , and so the list goes on and on and on …

So at Whitehaven Beach you will get the Squeeky  Style Singing sand under your feet , all in all that means great sand ! 

Yet another awesome place in Australia to add to your list , and if your smart (we know you’re already smart because you  live in Australia and are reading this , or are on your way to Australia and reading this ) , take some time out to go check out what’s on offer through Australia and the Whitsunday’s .

Keep living Australian 🙂

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