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Maton Guitars started in a small backyard workshop by a man named Bill May & is now a true success story employing over 60 people and is 100% family owned and operated.
It was Bills vision to make hand crafted guitars that were affordable but still as good as any in the world . He did just that !

Beloved and respected entertainers in Australia such as Tommy Emmanuel (who bought his first Maton, an MS500 model in 1959), John Williamson, The Finn Brothers, Paul Kelly, The Seekers, George Golla and Colin Hay have been seen on stage and television playing a Maton and the company’s turnover expanded. “I have spent my whole life playing music to people in Australia and I love playing an Australian-made guitar – the Maton,” said Tommy Emmanuel.

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From the MS500’s up to the 60th Anniversary Starline on to Maton’s newest T-Byrd. Each Maton electric guitar carries with it more than 60 years of Rock & Roll history and the memory of a million riffs. So if you’re serious about tone and have been searching for that special guitar… you’ve found it.

So in 1946 the “Maton Musical Instruments Company ” was born after Bill convinced his brother Reg to join him as a full time guitar maker. With over 300 models created at the Canterbury Factory it waited 40 years to upgrade to a more modern and spacious facility in Bayswater , Melbourne , in 1990.

12 years after the Bayswater factory the company went bigger again and relocated to Box Hill.  Having establishematon-bb1200dlx-2d Maton as Australia’s longest running and most successful guitar manufacturer, and pioneering the use of many Australian wood species in guitar construction, Bill May is regarded by many Australian luthiers as the founding father of their industry.

As you may now imagine its more than just a few local Australians that use Maton Guitars . Even more recent bands such as the Eagles of Death Metal lead singer using maton guitars for the last couple of years which in turn exposes the brand to fans which converts to sales .

The most popular artist in Australia and super wicked guitarist Tommy Emanuel is where u can really hear the acoustic guitars come to life and really sing .

There’s no hype here , these guitars are the real deal ! So if you are already a guitarist and looking for a good acoustic or even an electric guitar do yourself a favour and check out a Maton the next you get a chance then you”ll be Living Australian every day !!livingaustralian logo final

Maton Guitars - an Aussie legend
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Maton Guitars - an Aussie legend
Brief history and information about Maton Guitars

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