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The Laughing Lizard Brewing Company isn’t about being the coolest and the hippest but there is one thing you will get and that is expert advice and help about how to make your own unique beer at their own premises which means you don’t even need your own equipment . Its cheaper in the long run , better for you , and if you get creative enough you can even design you own cool label and rock up to your next party with your one of a kind craft beer 🙂

Information from the co230911_origmpany :The LAUGHING LIZARD BREWING COMPANY has a BOP (Brew on Premise) License. Our license only permits us to sell a minimum of 50lts at a time and the customer must contribute to the making of the beer.
Some of our customers prefer to purchase smaller amounts. This is made possible by using the “Share Board”. We have created a club called “LAUGHING LIZARD CLUB” where customers can join and then share their 50lts with other club members.


These guys do party keg hire at Half the price of most competitors and its always good to know that you are drinking chemical and preservative free beer . You can also buy everything you need to make your own beer at home and remember there will always be someone around to offer you expert advice . Here’s some more information from the company itself : 

DRY PACKS are unique to the LAUGHING LIZARD BREWERY. These beers are not available from your usual home brew stores. They are beers from our range of 150 great beers. 

Prices range from $29.40 up to $38.80. This is for a kit that will make you 25 litres of great beer. It includes all the ingredients and the brewers guide. All you have to do is boil up the hops and grain and add to the malt. Mix well with hot water add dextrose top up with cold water to bring the temperature down to 19 degrees. Stir in yeast, wait 10 days and enjoy. This is a step up from normal can home brewing. EXAMPLE: 25 litres of Mexicana will cost you $32.60. That’s 3 cartons for less than $11 each.

For more information head over to http://www.laughinglizardbrewing.com.au/ or give them a call on 07 5563 9056 so you too can start living Australian too 😉

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Laughing Lizard Brewing Company Gold Coast
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Laughing Lizard Brewing Company Gold Coast
A great gold coast based micro brewery that facilitates and teaches you the art of making your own beers .

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