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Australian Man Busted Growing in Backyard

"...The pungent smell and noises at night got me very curious , "

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23 December , 2015 | Publisher | CONTACT

A LOCAL GOLD COAST MAN , well known around the area has attracted some attention from nearby residents ,  his green thumb getting him a bit more attention than he intended . 

" i never meant people to find out obviously, it just happened - when you're living in Queensland you'd be stupid not to plant the odd thing or two around the house , i just threw a few seeds around and boom ! "

The Gold Coast man at the center of the backyard growing fiasco say's he  just got addicted and couldn't stop when he realized how easily everything just grew. 

" I don't know what all the fuss is about , it's only a few plants "

" It's  not like i'm growing a massive crop ! , no one takes on the big guys around here . "


A few of the plants in question being these Cacti , reportedly "harmless " by the grower .

"10 bucks for just one of those from your local bloke , are you bloody serious ? !!! "

"When it comes down to it , i just cant afford to be paying that much per gram ! "

The mans neighbour had this to say ,  " the pungent smell and  noises at night got me very curious " . This is apparently what led to the mans activities being brought into the public eye . 

Another nearby resident has been quoted saying " yeah he seems a bit funny to me , there's stuff growing everywhere , he must be hiding something , who grows all that kinda stuff around here in the city ? "

We were eventually lucky enough to find the man in question and ask him to reply about his neighbours concerns ,  this is what he had to say ~ 

      " Pungent smell and noises at night haha , where are you from mate ? Ive got 3 massive plants in the backyard full of pawpaws in full bloom , they smell awesome , but those bloody bats at night like to get into em" , noisy buggers they are those bats . I reckon the locals are going down the side of me house to pinch a few also ! "


The Papaya blooms easily in the Queensland environment drawing peoples attention up high away from what lurks down below .

This isn't the 1st time the gold coast man has drawn attention to his growing habits so we are told . 

Earlier in the year the same gold coast man was asked to explain himself about all the GREENERY growing around his house and this is what we were pitched ........

"listen here you buggers and learn .......

Average prices at your local supermarket chain store are ...

Paw Paw $7.50 each !  ....... for this price you could grow 100

Chillies $17.50 per kilo ! for real , i didnt even pay for my plants , i just threw some old chillies in the ground

Sunflower Kernels $8 per kilo !  Cmon , plant them yourself , they just grow and grow ....

Rhubarb per bunch $6 , you could grow 15 plants at home "

His response wasn't anything we could really argue with at the end of the day so we went on our way past our local supermarket to pay 1000% markup on the food we wanted to burn to a crisp on the BBQ tonight !








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