Will Axl Rose sing for AC/DC ?

axl rose acdc

axl rose acdc

Is it true ? No one knows for sure . Brian Johnson replaced Bon Scott and the tribute album was called ” Back in Black ” , i don’t think the world wants an AC/CD album named “back to glitter ” !!

It was recently announced that AC/DC were postponing their concerts due to a doctors recommendation that lead singer Brain Johnson’s hearing would be at risk if he continued.

Just weeks after this announcement reports are starting to surface online that AXL ROSE may be a new replacement . AC/DC’s representatives have not commented as of yet , but words of a relative close to guitarist Angus Young were quoted on a recent facebook post that has now been deleted .

At this point in time the only real news we have is that the remainder of the AC/DC tours were said to be put on hold until a later date possible with a guest lead singer !

Australians are apparently up in arms about the whole news of this and have been reported to be seeking a better replacement themselves !!

Who do you think the next singer should be or should the band just call it a day ?

A few Aussie’s have made a shout out to lead singer of THE POOR Anthony Skene , a rock band from the NOrthern Territory in Australia . Check them out below and make up your own mind .



AXL ROSE to sing for AC/DC ?
Article Name
AXL ROSE to sing for AC/DC ?
reports are comming in around the internet that Axl Rose may sing for Aussie rock legends AC/DC

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