bright victoria in Autumn

Stuck for ideas for your weekend off ?

Plan your next trip by colour .... here's how...

Step 1 . Choose a colour and type it in to google . Include keywords relating to your area if you wish to search locally (locally Australia can be a few 100kms ! )

Step 2 . Click on image search to view your picture results . 

Step 3 . Find a picture result you like , go to the corresponding web page , check out what is happening in that area , and off you go !


Why would someone do this you may ask ?   Well why not ?  Its an interesting and different way to find something to do and you may be surprised where you may end up in places you wouldn't normally find , we think its neat ! Give it a go .   Here's some results from our "colour trip planning " 

We chose the colour  ORANGE  and included keywords from our local area and ended up with this result . 

orange tulip toowoomba

Clicking in the image lead us to "The Carnival of Flowers " in Toowoomba  , Queensland Australia . It runs from September 21~30 and a list of events can be found at . It's obviously got lots of flowers ! plus live music , food , wine & heaps more . We didn't even know this festival existed , so thanks to the "colour trip planner " !

We tried again using the same colour ORANGE as September was a little while away and we found this interesting picture.


By following the link on the image we ended up  reading about the strange coloured water on North Stradbroke Island . After a bit more research we found heaps of things to do there .  Here's one link for you . 

It looked like there was a lot to do so we thought maybe staying for a day or two was the way to go . & quick web search for accommodation using HotelsCombined gave us back quite a lot of options , you can check them right

here->  North Stradbroke Island


This time using the same colour ORANGE we left out our local search keywords to look what we could find on a broader search of Australia and came up with this .

jenolan caves

Now that's cool ! The Jenolan Caves . Located in the Blue Mountains which is Inland from Sydney , NSW . 

Here's a video below for more info about the Jenolan Caves, Australias  finest and the worlds oldest.



For more information on the Jenolan caves you can head over to

If you decide to stay in the area for a few extra days you can support us by checking out accommodation deals

here -> Jenolan Caves

One last search again using the colour ORANGE we found this awesome pic of the town Bright , in the state of Victoria, Australia .

bright victoria in Autumn

Who thought there were towns like this in Australia ? The township of Bright is renowned for its colours during Autumn and fresh clean air all year round . 

Running through the town are the crystal clear waters of the Ovens river which flows from the Snowy Mountains , this is also where you will find the best fresh water trout if that's your thing . 

If you manage to go there in winter you will be just a stones throw away from several seasonal ski slopes too , huh .. snow skiing in Australia , yup ! 

Again if you plan to go here you can support us by checking out things to do and places to stay

here-> Bright , Victoria , Australia


So as you can see we got a few cool results from searching things to do just by using a chosen colour . Why not try it out where you live or if you're travelling overseas even . 



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